Information in English

Krokhol Golf Club welcomes all guest players, and we have good availability of tee times to accommodate you.


In order to play, you have to present some kind of evidence that you “master” the intricacies of golf. If you are based in Norway, this would be your club membership number that enables you to be registered in Golfbox.

If you are visiting from abroad, you may present a handicap card issued by a foreign golf union/association.

Once the formalities are settled, you can tee off on the most accessible golf course on the eastern side of Oslo. The course used to be a 18-hole layout, but from 2011 it has been played as a 9-hole course. However, it is nine challenging and varied holes of USGA standard. Last year, it was on very good condition to booth.

Reserving a tee time

On weekdays, there is usually plenty of times available, but you will need to reserve a tee time. Even if it is when you just show up. However, if you want to be certain to start when you want, reserving at time in advance is recommended. Guests can reserve tee times five days in advance.

On weekdays, call 46473625 between 12 am (10 am weekends) and 6 pm. Outside these times, please call 64857790, line 2.

The recommended reservation method is to use Golfbox, the reservation system used by the Norwegian Golf Association. It may be used by players based in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. You can log on by using the boxes provide on the top and bottom of this page, or to the right.



All days, all tee-times

9 holes

18 holes

Adult guests

NOK 300

NOK 500

Junior guests (U19)

NOK 150

NOK 250

Invited guests*

NOK 250

NOK 400

Member without playing right

NOK 250

NOK 400

Members of Krokhol GK without playing right get a discount of NOK 100 for 18 holes and NOK 50 for 9 holes.

* Invited guests must have been invited by and play together with a member with full playing rights. The price represents a discount of NOK 100 for 18 holes and NOK 50 for 9 holes.

All prices are subject to change without notice.

The greenfee for junior guests is half the adult price.

Junior members of Krokhol GK without playing right receive discount of NOK 100 for 18 holes and NOK 50 for 9 holes, and the remainder is halv

Example: 18 holes = NOK 500 – NOK 100 = NOK 400 divided by 2 = NOK 200.


Greenfees have to be paid before start of play!

Golf cart rental

All days

9 holes

18 holes

Regular price

NOK 215

NOK 430

with playing rights

NOK 150

NOK 300

Invited guests*

NOK 150

NOK 300

With medical certificate

NOK 145

NOK 290

Please note, that in order to drive a golf cart, you have to be at least 18 years old, and the offer is not applicable if the course conditions makes it illegal to drive a cart on the course. 

The offer is also subject to carts being available.

You may reserve a cart by using the eagl app, which you can download to your phone.

*Invited guests use the same discount code as the member they are playing with.

Driving range

The driving range is at one end of the parking lot. Thus, it may be considered a “drive-in range”. There are plenty of mats, and an area with grass tees are available for use for practice when conditions allow.

The ball machine does not accept coins, but you may use your debit or credit card. Since we haven’t tried it, we are a little uncertain whether the terminal accepts non-Norwegian cards.

Range cards are available from the pro shop though.

One bucket filled by using a range card or debit/credit card should contain around 24 balls.

Range card

The range cards are value based, and are structure in such a way that you receive a greater value than the price you pay.

Member with full playing rights that “fill” the card with NOK 200 to NOK 399, will get a value on the card that is 40% higher than the purchase price. If they pay NOK 400 or more, they receive a value that is 50 % higher than the purchase price.

Others purchasing a range card will receive a benefit of 10% and 20% for purchases between NOK 200 and NOK 399, and over NOK 400, respectively.

The range card costs NOK 50 when you buy a new one. If you have an old range card, you may have it exchanged free of charge, and be credited with the balance, if any.

Examples of range card purchases































* With full playing rights

Other useful information

Practice facilities

In addition to the driving range, the club has a practice green adjacent to the first tee, a short game area to the right of the first green, and a full length (par 4) practice hole adjacent to hole 9. Range balls are not allowed in these practice areas.

Clubhouse opening hours

Whereas the course is open during all daylight hours (unless there is morning frost, in which case the course is closed), the opening hours of the clubhouse is somewhat more limited. It is generally open between 12 noon (10am on weekends) and 6pm. Please note, however, that in case of inclement weather, the clubhouse will be closed. Self-service check in is however always available in the hallway to the clubhouse.

When the clubhouse is closed, you pay for trolley rental VIPPS. If you want to use a cart, and the weather permits its use, your only option is to book and pay for one with the eagl. app.

Score card

When you register, you will be given a printed score card with your name and handicap. If you use self-service check-in, blank score cards are available in the clubhouse hallway.

There are four different tees available, depending on your skill level and attitude to risk. Please state the tee you intend to use when you register. A summary of the information on the score card is found here (yardage, par, stroke index).

Slope rating

You can find the course and slope rating of the course, as well as slope tables showing your playing handicap here. They are also posted in the club house. These are in Norwegian, but as they mostly consist of numbers, they should be easy enough to understand. Course and slope rating depends on the tee you choose.

Local rules

  • Roads and paths are not integral parts of the course. Relief according to rule 24-2b.
  • All sprinkler heads and components of the irrigation system entitle to relief according to rule 24-2b.
  • Graveled drainage ditches are considered ground under repair. Relief according to rule 25-1.
  • Plugged ball in the field of play entitles to relief according to rule 25-2.

The field of play is the whole course, except:

  • The teeing ground and the putting green on the hole being played
  • All obstacles on the course
  • Red and yellow stakes marking water hazards are immovable obstacles. Relief according to rule 24-2B.
  • Yardage markers (actually meter markers) for 200m, 150m and 100m are immovable obstacles. Relief according to rule 24-2b.

All yardage is measured in meters to the center of the green.

  • White markers: 200m
  • Yellow markers: 150m
  • Red markers: 100m

Penalty for breach of local rules: Strokeplay – 2 strokes, matchplay – loss of the hole.